The firm


Viallon Conseil is a marketing and communication firm created after 20 years experience in business studies, consulting and sales (BtoB et BtoC).
A cross-disciplinary approach which capitalises on lessons learned from different missions, with a permanent concern for customer satisfaction : we are committed to your success.
  • Maximum reactivity
  • Flexibility and tailor-made solutions
  • Efficiency / Results
  • Global or analytical approaches to problem-solving
  • Absolute transparency and confidentiality

You are looking for an experienced marketing and communication consultant team, Viallon Conseil is here to answer all your needs and assist you with a complete service for developing your sales and profits.

To enhance its profitability a company needs to have a solid marketing strategy and be aware of upcoming trends. To achieve this, Viallon Conseil uses all of the traditional, offline marketing tools as well as the latest innovations in online digital marketing solutions to build a complete plan.

Examples of how we collect marketing data:

  • Qualitative interviews (face to face, focus groups…)
  • Benchmarking
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Combined and tailor-made surveys (online tests…)

As our clients are frequently asking us for an overall approach, combining research and consulting, we take special care to provide our customers with unbiased recommendations through a variety of hand-picked, strategic placements that help move your business forward.

After market research, we sometimes recommend that an original project be abandoned (contact us for examples)… Don’t worry, in this case, we always assist our clients in adapting their project for their customers.

This definition phase helps you refine and differentiate your project (product or service) so that it corresponds to market needs, while retaining a consumer-friendly quality that can appeal to the targeted consumers.


  • DEA de l’Institut de recherche et d’études supérieures du tourisme – Université Panthéon Sorbonne Paris
    MSC – NVQ Level 5
  • Maîtrise de langues étrangères et économie – Université de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis
    MA german & english & economics


  • Marketing and sales manager France
    Heka Auto Test – Allemagne
  • Senior Consultant
    Paul Séassal Consultants – Nice
  • Market researcher
    France Conseil Marketing – Nice
  • Junior Market researcher
    Gradian Conseil – Paris
  • Junior Market researcher
    Club Méditerranée – Paris