Retail planning and real estate


(Commission Départementale d’Aménagement Commercial)
Commission approving retail projects (creation or expansion of a store up to 1000 m2 sale space)

Specialised in the field for the last 20 years, Viallon Conseil proposes a complete service for project owners who require this agreement in order to create or enlarge their store up to 1000 m² of retail area.

Independent, franchised, expansion managers, promoters… tell us more about your project and we will propose bespoke solution.

With more than 400 files (researches in all activity fields) and an exceptional success rate, we have developed a global approach (technical aspects, law, communication and lobbying…) to assist you right up to the presentation of your project to the Commission.


Localisation studies

You have a location project for your store but you are undecided between several options ; contact us, our studies will evaluate and propose the right place to locate your business by defining the :

  • quality of the entry
  • market area and its sales potential
  • social & economic profile of the residential population in the market area
  • consumer expenditure
  • customer flow
  • location of competitors, strengths and weaknesses
  • projected turnover

Our localisation studies are followed by strategic and concrete recommendations to optimise the chances of success for your project.

Market area studies

A good knowledge of your market area is a crucial factor in the success of your business project.

Our studies help you not only estimate your market potential but also to identify new products or services and development opportunities corresponding to your market area (residential and tourist).

Business premises studies

Promoters, investors, tradesmen… you wish to estimate the sales or rental potential of your business premises ? Tell us more about your project !

Our multi-criteria studies are based on the evaluation of : location quality, consumer interviews, real estate agents and benchmark analysis of similar premises prices.

Not only, but also : research of investors partners, lobbying and project communication, project management support… etc.





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